The non-lethal tactical pulse wave generation glove. Powered by the pulse wave generation chip designed specifically to the specification of the FBI for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Contact Dragonsun for purchase information. Perfect for law enforcement agencies and/or people who need discreet non-lethal defense device. Now anyone can use the Vulcan nerve pinch made famous by Spock in the original Star trek series no Vulcan required.

Independent Evaluation


Just as analog technology has given way to digital technology, these devices are part of the digital or "digitron" family of pulse wave devices. Lithium manganese dioxide power-packs provide enhanced performance permitting the utilization of more advanced circuitry and hybrid components. Operating in a frequency range well above stun guns, these devices are capable of two different alternating frequencies within the same wave form. The higher frequencies enable these devices to penetrate deep within the nervous system in microseconds while intercepting both pulse wave signals from the motor cortex region of the brain (controls voluntary muscles) and the hypothalamic regions, (hostility and aggression).

Lithium Power

While a partially charged nickel cadmium or alkaline battery can fall below its effective threshold of power after sitting on the shelf for a short time or in 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures in as little as two seconds of application, with temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit, a 12 volt lithium power-pack can fire continuously for up to ten minutes. Lithium also offers extensive shelf life and can be briefly test fired every day for up to twenty years or more. Reliability is assured as the lithium manganese chemistry is basically the same found in today's heart pacemakers. Recharging is not necessary and the STING can effect over 500 full take-downs with no recovery time needed between applications. Originally designed for the FBI, the device is disguised not to look like a weapon which maintains an important element of surprise. It is also covered by a lifetime warranty which is a testament to the quality standards by which it is manufactured.

Technical Evaluation

In the process of development, DragonSun discovered that higher frequencies not only accelerated penetration deep within the nervous system, the frequency differential between the brain and the STING pulse wave signals meant that for a given application time, it took longer to recover (up to one hour). Their research also revealed that extended contact with higher frequencies tended to interrupt signals of hostility and aggression emanating from the hypothalamic region of the brain, thus adding a secondary neutralizing effect. The STING achieves this is one millisecond, (1/1000ths of a second) which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is occurring here. However, one theory in the scientific and medical communities is that the STING's ability to transverse the nervous system to the brain causes instant if not temporary trauma induced electro-chemical reversals within the hypothalamic region which medical science has demonstrated in the past to "flat line" signals of hostility and aggression. In any event, one doctor commented that "this is a quantum leap forward for medical science in the implementation of instant frontal lobotomies".


Ergonomically correct and well disguised, the product features a maintenance free twelve volt lithium power-pack with twenty year shelf life, up to 550 takedowns with no recovery time needed between applications, an unbreakable polycarbonate exterior, positive safety slide and a very small profile. As such, it is chosen for best design, best engineering, best overall features and best warranty. And while the lithium power-pack alone cost more to produce than many stun guns, most would argue that price is secondary where lives are at risk.