Mission Statement

DragonSun Technologies was founded by entrepreneur and inventor, Jason, on January 20th, 2005 as a vehicle to manifest the devices which keep pouring into his head. DragonSun has grown to include a group of artists, scientists, intuitive thinkers, and businessmen whose shared vision is to enhance the quality of life through investigation and development of technology utilizing the principals of sympathetic vibratory physics and other synchronistic disciplines. Our mission is to improve conditions on the earth for all beings through innovative adaptation of valid breakthroughs in science while using socially responsible business practices.

In pursuit of our mission, we aim to:

Validate our scientific breakthroughs through stringent peer reviewed studies.

Adhere to excellent manufacturing protocols with production facilities that are ecologically responsible.

Utilize the principles observed by Tesla, Schauberger, Moray, Townsend, Gray, and Keely to help produce products to bring civilization back into a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival.

Assist in creating a world of abundance and negentropy where there is no need to fight over dwindling resources.

Discover natural solutions to the most pressing problems relating to our poor health and continuing destruction of this planet through the ignorant and negligent treatment of our Earth, Air and Water .

Contribute innovative ways to integrate technology and the tribal wisdom of our ancestors to maintain balance and harmony within the ecosystem.

Create unique lateral thinking R&D teams comprised of artists, visionaries, and scientists from a broad range of disciplines combined together as equals to manifest innovative solutions.