Logo Symbolism

The Dragonsun logo is a symbolic representation of three main components.

1. Quetzalcoatl or Feathered Serpent which in this case represents the Archetype of the Divine Human. It is the union of heaven (divine) and earth (human). The Feathered Serpent was known as a spiritual teacher, bringing to the people gifts of science and arts. Feathered Serpent was seen as the "once and future king" destined to return when the world was at it's darkest.

2. The red rays of the morning sun: symbolized the feminine energy and creative life giving forces of the morning sun breaking through darkness.

3. The temple/observatory: in Mesoamerican culture served both as places of worship and man made mountains to bring one closer to the stars where the watchers recorded the cycles of the sky. The Temple serves as a sacred place of knowledge and self-sacrifice for the good all.